“The point of life is not to live forever, but to leave something behind that will.”
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Knowledge is my soulmate.
Knowledge has no limits, I yearn to learn it all.

Life is about a balance of give and take.
Equality is the only business I support.
If you only take I can give you nothing more.

Experience is mandatory.
Multiple views on various topics while questioning all beliefs.

Exotic thoughts expressed through written raw emotion.
Photographs capture the ideas from my dream.

Laugh and smile, the world is a beautiful place with dark people.
Let me capture you, or show me the perspective of myself that you see.

Inspiring souls will change the world.
Gain knowledge and serenity with every step I take toward my own success.

I am Corruption Production, Crystal Clear Photography is my business
Art isn’t about what you see. It’s about what you make others see and feel.
This is my masterpiece, perfectly flawed.